I am such a bad person… I know some of you will probably unfollow me just cuz I put one personal thing this one time, but screw you if you do..
Besides the point I am a bad person in the sense that I hardly ever go on here anymore or talk to any of you lovely people I consider my friends.. Even if it is just one sided..
So basically this is a big apology post! I am really really sorry for those of you that follow me and I rarely post anymore because of RL.
Right now I currently am managing a full time job and night school and practically look like death because of it, and my weekends are mostly my sleep time.
Another sorry to those I have promised to write some fics for, many of you probably hate me for it but as I said before I rarely have any free time now and when I do I sleep.. And eventually, by the summer time I’m hoping to have some time back to do them!
To those who are still with me regardless, I appreciate you and love you all to pieces!
Until we talk again this has been a public apology/rant/confession.

  1. zquintoes said: I adore you please dont worry and I KNOW you’ll get it all done
  2. sassygaydean said: um, not trying to be an asshole or anything but huh?
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